John Ramsey

Standup Comedy

In 2005, John won the Funniest Person in Austin Contest. Since that time, he has appeared on CONAN, Funny as Hell, Comedy Central’s Live at Gotham, and Nick at Night. His festival appearances include the HBO United States Comedy Arts Festival and the Just for Laughs Festivals in both Montreal and Chicago.

Rod Todd

Sketches & Shorts

John has written sketches featured on Good Morning America, CBS News, and the websites of The New York Times, The Atlantic, AOL, MSN, Yahoo! and many more. For more samples of John’s sketches, check out John’s YouTube page

Episode 307: Mike MacRae


In Austin tomorrow…

We are back in America. At one point, we thought we might stay in Kenya through December, but the baby brought us back to America. We are so glad to be here. An attempt to sum up the year would be a melodramatic failure. But before I left I said I had three goals: (1) …


My International Television Debut

As I said previously, I spent a good bit of time figuring out what Kenyans found funny and realizing it wasn’t me. You can read more about that in previous posts. So I had to put together a new set and, just as importantly, find a new style. For example, I wrote a joke about how …

Danny O'Flaherty can thank me later for this free promotion.

Why My Jokes Don’t Work in Kenya, pt. 3

Comics here, by and large, don’t know the name “Jerry Seinfied” (but maybe it sounds familiar). You can imagine, then, that greats like Brian Regan and Mitch Hedberg don’t ring any bell at all. Most have heard of Chris Rock and Steve Harvey, some of Russell Peters. But, in essence, they describe these comics as …

Where are their helmets?!

The Story of Jocelyn [Kweli Magazine]

You may remember a story I shared a couple months ago about a brave 12-year old girl that IJM represented. An edited version of the story was included in a Kenyan publication called Kweli Magazine. If you’d like to see the original story, you can read it here: The Story of a Little Girl.

Danny O'Flaherty can thank me later for this free promotion.

Why My Jokes Don’t Work in Kenya, pt. 2

As I’ve already gotten to share with some of you, the new set I wrote for a Kenyan audience went well; and I look forward to telling the story of how it all aired on [inter]national television! In the meantime, though, I still want to document the process of getting together that set — in …